Playing Politics With Your Water?!

Sen. Michael Lee & Senator Bill Rabon sent a letter to Gov. Cooper this week which, in our minds, read more like playing politics than coming together to do the right thing.

NO parent should have to wonder, or worry, if something in the water made their child sick. NO person should have to worry if the water they drank gave them thyroid cancer, testicular cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disease, etc.

Prolonging this worry and anxiety in order to play politics is morally bankrupt behavior. We have no other way to read their intentions than assume they are AGAINST the emergency funding DEQ and DHHS need to fight the GenX water crisis.

We hope these guys have a change of heart, and quickly. This funding request is only 0.01% of the total state budget--and NC is sitting on a surplus right now.

Keep track of this issue and reach out to your elected officials here:

Dana SargentComment