Two Ways to Regulate GenX at the State Level

Today, the Port City Daily published a great article on the quickest way (in theory) to get GenX, C3-ether, and the entire cocktail of PFCs out of our drinking water.  One way, is to use DEQ and the other is have the NC General Assembly create a short term intervention.

A state agency, like DEQ, has a long and thorough process which sometimes takes TEN YEARS. The burden to prove these toxins are dangerous falls on the taxpayer's shoulders--meaning it's up to DEQ (funded by taxpayer dollars) to conduct animal toxicology studies and prove the impact of these chemicals on human health.  These studies take a long time and they cost a lot of money.  Dr. Jamie DeWitt (NC's leading toxicologist on PFCs) says a single mouse costs $25. In the meantime, companies, like Chemours, get to continue dumping these unregulated chemicals into our water supply.

DEQ gets funded by NC's General Assembly--your elected senators and representatives. What has the NCGA been doing about this issue--ZERO.  Have you contacted your state representatives and told them you want ACTION on this issue.  Tell them you want them to fully fund Gov. Cooper's initiatives regarding GenX.  Click here to find out who represents your area.

FUN FACT: NC is sitting on a surplus of funds this year. No debt, extra cash.  So, there's plenty of money to fund DEQ's needs.

Emily DonovanComment