What's the Deal?

Lawsuits, notice of violations, summons, consent orders -- what's it all mean? 

It should be simple, right? Chemours should stop discharging unknown, likely carcinogenic chemicals into our drinking water, pay to clean it up and agree to take financial responsibility for any future ramifications, including public health issues. 

BUT, unfortunately, to get to that point, we need to rely on laws and politics - both of which are messy and wonky.  Clean Cape Fear is working to unpack this mess. 

Visit our "Water Wonks" page to view a linked list of all legal actions taken thus far. 

Most recently, the State (i.e., NC DEQ Secretary Michael Regan) filed a "Complaint - Motion For Temporary Restraining Order and ... Injuctive Relief" requesting the court require Chemours  "...immediately cease discharging [Nafion byproducts 1 and 2] and continue to prevent the discharge of process wastewater containing GenX into the waters of the state."   

The complaint is based on: violations of laws governing groundwater contamination standards; misrepresentation and violation of NPDES disclosure requirements; and laws governing unpermitted discharge.

In response to the filing of the Temporary Restraining Order, Bladen County Superior Court Judge Douglas Sasser signed a "Partial Consent Order" which orders the following: 

  1. Chemours must continue to prevent wastewater contaminated with GenX into state waters.
  2. Chemours must immediately prevent the discharge of Nafion byproducts 1 and 2 until a permit is filed.
  3. Chemours must allow EPA and the NC DEQ to review certain confidential business information.
  4. Chemours must be more responsive to requests from the DEQ than it has been in the past, making "good faith efforts" to get back to them in a timely manner.

Bladen County Board of Commissioners Chairman Charley Ray Peterson threatened to sue the state of NC for its actions against Chemours, claiming concern that folks at the plant may lose their jobs if the processes that are contaminating the drinking water for 250,000 people are shut down.

Peterson worked for DuPont at the Fayetteville Works plant as a Manufacturing Specialist for 26 years!

We certainly don't want anyone to lose wages - it should be up to Chemours - a Fortune-500 company with a market capitalization of $9.06 BILLION - to voluntarily offer to maintain their employees' wages while working on REAL solutions to keep these toxic chemicals out of our drinking water.

We suggest Chairman Peterson stops playing politics with our water and work WITH the state AGAINST Chemours.  If you agree, give him a call at: 910-648-4506, cellphone: 910-876-0297

Chemours CEO makes $6.7 MILLION a year. We suggest he direct Chemours to step up to the plate and ensure its employees continue to be paid while the company cleans up their mess. If you agree, call them at 302-773-4507 and email media@chemours.com.


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