Chemours CEO: "Litigation is behind us."

Meet Chemours CEO Mark Vergnano. He thinks making $6.7 million a year and rapidly increasing Chemours' stock prices is more important than ensuring his company removes potentially carcinogenic materials from our children's drinking water.

He said in this interview that he thinks the "big piece of litigation is behind [them] and that's what worried some investors." 

He talks a lot about "safety" and "integrity."  In an interview with he said Chemours was "going to be more customer-centered DuPont, it was going to have high integrity and an obsession around safety."  

DuPont - obsessed with safety? The same DuPont that settled a lawsuit in Ohio (along with Chemours) for $670 million and one in West Virginia for $70 million -  for covering up knowledge that the chemical C8 was toxic?

Vergnano says he thinks litigation is behind them; maybe he missed the memo that DuPont and Chemours dumped C8 in the Cape Fear River from 1980 until it was replaced by GenX in 2014...and then dumped GenX into our river until a few weeks ago...oh, and the new news (to us, not to them) that they dumped Nafion (also similar to C8), in the Cape Fear River since 1980. 

Chemours knows how to remove these toxic chemicals from their wastewater.

The technology exists.

They certainly have the money:

Chemours was named to the Fortune 500 list this past June - the same month we learned they had contaminated our drinking water for years. 

So why then is Mr. Vergnano allowing his company to dump a toxic brew of chemicals into the drinking water supply for nearly 300,000 North Carolinians?

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