The People With the Power to Protect Us From Chemours


Water IS political because it's politicians who make our policies. (Thank you retired USMC Master Sargent Jerome Ensminger for reminding us of that recently.) However, water should NEVER be partisan.

Who we elect to protect our families' health matters. Parents should not have to watch their children suffer from rare kidney cancers caused by environmental factors. Residents of New Hanover county should not have to suffer from higher rates of thyroid and testicular cancer. Families should not have to wonder if the water they've been drinking caused their child to have ADHD, since high levels of PFASs (like GenX and C3-ether) have been linked to ADHD.

Tomorrow, the state legislator's Environmental Review Commission (ERC) will hold a meeting in Wilmington about GenX and other toxic chemicals in our water. We did a wee bit of research to see how commission members have voted on issues related to the environment in the past. Thank you, NC League of Conservation Voters, for publishing these voter scorecards!!

Clean Cape Fear has been working around the clock to provide you with ways to participate in tomorrow's meeting. Here are a few things you can do:

1. Share this post with all your friends.

2. If possible, attend the public comments section of tomorrow's ERC meeting. The meeting runs from 1:30 - 5. The commission has not shared when the public comment period will start and end. Wear red to show your support of Wilmington's Childhood Cancer Support Group.

If you can't make it - submit comments via email BY 6 PM Wednesday Aug. 23 at 

3. Sign our newest petition demanding state legislators approve Emergency Funds for our GenX water crisis:

4. Remember these NCLCV lifetime voter scores next November 2018. If we want to protect our families, we need politicians courageous enough to protect us from corporate polluters--like Chemours, who for years chose to make us sick rather than practice responsible toxic chemical waste management.

We are NOT powerless. We can fight for clean, safe drinking water--but we need your voice to help us fight. Let's do this together!!

Dana SargentComment