All Hands On Deck, Please-Especially the hands that are NOT in the pockets of corporations

The Star-News published an article this week with a headline that asked: "Is Deb Butler being excluded from GenX committees because of politics?"  The answer: yes!

Rep. Deb Butler (D) represents two of the counties hit hardest by the Chemours contamination crisis - Brunswick and New Hanover -- yet, even after repeated requests to be included on the General Assembly’s Environmental Review Commission (ERC) and the House’s Select Committee on North Carolina River Quality, Butler has been ignored or rebuffed, said the article.  

Butler is the ONLY  member of the House of Representatives from Southeastern North Carolina that has not been granted a seat on these committees. 

As Butler points out, "What's the point of a committee if all the members have the same opinion?"  That is NOT democracy. That is plain partisan politics. 

N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore (R) has the power to place Butler on these committees, Star News asked him about it - his response: “I haven’t made that determination yet.”

Let's help him decide by bombarding his office phone demanding he stop playing politics with our water and provide a seat to the ONLY representative in Southeast NC who 1). supports human health and the environment over corporate interests,  and 2). opposes the deregulation that got us into this mess. 

CALL Speaker Moore at 919-733-3451 or 704-739-1221

Dana SargentComment