Testing Leadership Skills in a Time of Crisis

  • Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo announced last night at a City Council meeting that he has instructed the City Planner to work with CFPUA's Jim Flechtner on a plan - that he requested be completely "VERY QUICKLY" -- to set up water stations around town for folks to get free, clean water. The CFPUA is providing this at Ogden Park but many people just can't get there. 
  • Congressman David Rouzer (whose district encompasses the entire area of contaminated drinking water) accepted $1,000 from DuPont - THREE WEEKS AFTER news broke that DuPont and its spin-off Chemours had contaminated his constituents drinking water for 30 years. 
  • Governor Cooper wrote a letter to EPA's Scott Pruitt July 17 requesting EPA "...move more quickly to finalize its health assessment of GenX and set a maximum contamination level for it.." He continued, "As you may know, EPA concerns that GenX could be toxic led the agency to seek a 2009 consent order limiting Chemours' emissions from GenX production. However, Chemours has stated publicly that it does not believe this order governs discharge of the same chemical when it is a byproduct of other chemical processes. I ask that the EPA revisit this consent order immediately and modify it to apply to any and all release of GenX...I urge you to use EPA authority under the [Toxic Substances Control Act] to evaluate byproducts from other Chemours production lines, including wastewater discharge ... I also ask that you require companies to submit not just one but multiple health studies covering several exposure methods when registering chemicals under TSCA. This will increase the public's understanding of chemical compounds introduced into our waterways."  Read the letter HERE
  • US Senators Burr and Tillis?: Crickets
  • State Senators Lee (District 9- New Hanover) & Rabon (District 8 - New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender)?: Crickets
  • State Representatives: Butler (Brunswick, New Hanover): Spoke in favor of more funding for DEQ at General Assembly and at local events; Davis and Grange (New Hanover); Iler (Brunswick)?: Crickets
  • CONTACT your elected leaders and remind them that they were elected to lead:
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