The public deserves transparency.  Local businesses deserve a path forward that protects their livelihood.  Everyone deserves social justice from corporate polluters and the deficiencies in governmental regulations that adversely impact our right to clean water. We're partnering with key stakeholders in the community to channel public outrage into actionable, focused efforts that target immediate change in the quality of our drinking water. 

Request Public Hearings on Chemours' Permits

Chemours can discharge pollutants if approved via a permit reviewed by the N.C Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) through the National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System (NPDES), which is a part of the Clean Water Act.  Permits must be renewed every five years. DEQ received Chemours renewal application May 3. 2016. It sat in backlog at DEQ (NOTE: our state needs to fund DEQ more) Chemours' permit then expired in October. BUT, Chemours can legally keep discharging until their submitted NPDES application is either approved or denied.   PUBLIC COMMENT??? 30-day Public Comment period for this permit has not yet been published by DEQ - KEEP AN EYE ON THIS SITE FOR POSTING BY DEQ. IN THE MEANTIME, REQUEST A PUBLIC HEARING: It is up to the discretion of the DEQ Director as to whether a public hearing will be held

To request a hearing on a NPDES permit, write to:
Director of the Division of Water Resources
N.C. Division of Water Resources
1617 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1617

Call Your Legislators and Ask them to Support Gov. Cooper's Modest Funding Request for $2.58 million to support the gutted regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect your health and the environment (DHHS and DEQ)

NC Senate representing counties with contaminated drinking water: 
Mike Lee: (New Hanover): 919 715 2525
Bill Rabon: (Brunswick, New Hanover, Pender): 919 733 5963
Danny Earl Britt, Jr. (Columbus): (919) 733 5651

General Assembly members representing counties with contaminated drinking water:
Frank Iler (Brunswick): 919 301 1450
Deb Butler (Brunswick, New Hanover) 919 733 5754
Ted Davis (New Hanover): 919 733 5786
Holly Grange (New Hanover): 919 733 5830
Chris Millis (Pender): 919 715 9664
Brendan Jones: (Columbus): 919 733 5821

Affect Environmental Regulations / Request Water, Air Testing

In the US, environmental regulation of industries occurs at the state level.  In NC, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is responsible for permitting emissions to the air and water from companies like Chemours.  DEQ is your primary contact for environmental concerns. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is responsible for protecting your health. 

For concerns related to groundwater well contamination, Call DEQs Laura Leonard at 919-707-8233 and email her at laura.leonard@ncdenr.gov and ask that DEQ test your water using "EPA Method 537 + 6 PFECAs + Nafion byproducts. 

For concerns related to public water supplies from the Cape Fear River (i.e. CFPUA, Pender Co. and Brunswick Co.), call Jamie Kritzer jamie.kritzer@ncdenr.gov 919-707-8602 Call Script: “Hello, I am a resident of ____ (give your location) that is concerned about Chemours releases of fluorinated carbons into the Cape Fear River, which is my water supply.  I am calling to ask that you provide results for Nafion byproducts in my drinking water.  Thanks for all you are doing.”

For concerns related to air emissions, call 919-707-8400 Call script “Hello, I am a resident of NC that is concerned about the releases of fluorinated carbons from the stacks at Chemours.  I am calling to request that you sample the stacks to determine if GenX and Nafion are being emitting in the gas.  I would also like to see DEQ quantify the level of GenX that has deposited in surface water ponds from volatile emissions.  I appreciate your efforts on this issue.” 
For concerns related to the levels of GenX and Nafion in your blood, call Chris Mackey 919-855-4840 Call Script: “Hello, I am a resident of NC that is concerned about how long fluorinated carbons have been shown to stay inside the human body.  I would like to request you sample my blood for GenX and Nafion. I appreciate your efforts on this issue.”

To request DHHS issue safe drinking water levels for the other fluorinated carbons Chemours is releasing into the Cape Fear River, call Chris Mackey 919-855-4840
Call Script “Hello, I am a resident of NC that is concerned about the releases from Chemours associated with Nafion and GenX.  I am calling to request DHHS issue safe drinking water levels for the other compounds identified in the Strynar et al. (2015) manuscript. Thank you.”

Write a Letter

We don't think it's okay to discharge toxic chemicals into our drinking water supply and not tell anyone you are doing it.  We also feel investors need to know how the irresponsible governance of DuPont/Chemours has personally impacted your health, your family, your personal finances, and/or your business.  It's time to tell your story.  Send a letter to the editor at one (or all) of these financial news outlets.  

Financial Times: letters.editor@ft.com
The Economist: letters@economist.com
Barron's: mail@barrons.com
The Wall Street Journal: wsj.ltrs@wsj.com (include city/state)
Bloomberg: oped@bloomberg.net (no attachments)
MarketWatch: newsroom@marketwatch.com 
RTTNews: editorial@rttnews.com
Seeking Alpha: click here
Reuters: click here
Forbes: opinion@forbes.com
Fortune: fortunemail_letters@fortunemail.com
CNBC: commentary@cnbc.com (use OP-ED in subject line)
CNN Money: cnnmoney@money.com

Support Cape Fear River Watch

Kemp Burdette and our friends at Cape Fear River Watch are actively leading the charge to influence policy making at the local, state, and federal level to protect our main source of drinking water.  Become of member of CFRW and get involved in river advocacy. 

Attend Meetings and Events