Stop it at the source

Chemours and DuPont have knowingly contaminated our drinking water.

Meanwhile, Chemours was recently listed as Fortune-500 Company.

It's time to stop this at the source and hold them accountable.

On June 7, we found out that GenX and other perfluorinated compounds were being dumped into the Cape Fear River from the processing of products to make Teflon and related products, as well as vinyl ether - for 37 years.  

Then, on August 31, we found out that two more unregulated, unknown perfluorinated compounds, likely more toxic than GenX, have been discharged from Chemours' processing of Nafion - for 37 years. 

The Chemours Company has proven it cannot be trusted to refrain from activities that endanger the public. 

Therefore, Clean Cape Fear is calling for the following actions:

  • The NC legislature should immediately fund Governor Cooper’s emergency appropriation request of $2.58 million targeted to increase staffing at the two relevant watchdog agencies, the Dpt. of Environmental Quality and the Dpt. of Health and Human Services so they can continue to properly investigate Chemours, strengthen permitting processing, conduct health assessments and monitor drinking water so that Chemours can be held legally accountable for polluting our drinking water supply and for any health issues that are shown to have been caused by their malfeasance. 

  • All NC legislative officials should cease accepting political donations from Chemours or its parent company DuPont. 

  • The Chemours Company must supply clean drinking water for the approximately 250,000 residents currently depending on the Cape Fear River as their drinking water source. This supply should continue until a new health advisory level is set for the Nafion byproducts and all samples indicate that contaminants are below that level as well as the level set for GenX.  

  • The Chemours Company should reimburse all entities spending resources to clean up their mess, including the state, our utility companies, our schools, and our citizens who have been purchasing filters or bottled water for months.

  • Local publicly owned entities should divest all investment portfolios from Chemours and DuPont (including but not limited to utilities, UNCW, Cape Fear Community College, city and county governments, and New Hanover Regional Medical Center).