You live within a 3 mile radius of the Fayetteville Works site and your water, soil and air may be contaminated with potentially toxic chemicals. 

DEQ has said it will continue to test for GenX around the site, until no traces are found. They continue to expand the perimeter.

BUT, they are only testing for GenX.  There are a slew of other potentially toxic chemicals being manufactured, and discharged, from Chemours.

  • IF YOU DRINK FROM A PRIVATE WELL:  Call DEQs Laura Leonard at 919-707-8233 and email her at laura.leonard@ncdenr.gov and ask that DEQ test your water using "EPA Method 537 + 6 PFECAs + Nafion byproducts."  
  • IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT AIR EMISSIONS:  Call 919-707-8400; Call script “Hello, I am a resident of NC that is concerned about the releases of fluorinated carbons from the stacks at Chemours.  I am calling to request that you sample the stacks to determine if GenX and Nafion are being emitting in the gas.  I would also like to see DEQ quantify the level of GenX that has deposited in surface water ponds from volatile emissions.  I appreciate your efforts on this issue.” 
  • IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT LEVELS OF GENX / NAFION IN YOUR BLOOD: Call Chris Mackey 919-855-4840 Call Script: “Hello, I am a resident of NC that is concerned about how long fluorinated carbons have been shown to stay inside the human body.  I would like to request you sample my blood for GenX and Nafion. I appreciate your efforts on this issue.”
  • TO REQUEST DHHS ISSUE A RISK ASSESSMENT LEVEL FOR THE OTHER CHEMICALS THAT HAVE BEEN FOUND:  Call Chris Mackey 919-855-4840: Call Script “Hello, I am a resident of NC that is concerned about the releases from Chemours associated with Nafion and GenX.  I am calling to request DHHS issue a risk assessment level for the other compounds identified in the Strynar et al. (2015) manuscript. Thank you.”